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Who We are

We provide professional, personalised advice to a wide range of clients.

Port Phillip Financial Services (PPFS) was established in 2005.  In 2009 we altered our professional affiliation and applied for our own operating license through Eventus Wealth Management. We are proud to not be influenced by any other financial institution in the way we provide advice and ensure that the quality of our advice is not persuaded by any associated investment houses.

What To Expect

Initial Consultation

We will get to know you and gather all relevant information to formulate a financial plan. This meeting may be all that is required to provide some direction without in-depth advice.

Statement of Advice

Based on the information gathered we will put together a statement of advice, a document detailing your road map to achieve the goals you have in mind.


Once you are happy and have signed an authority to proceed, we will implement your financial plan.

Ongoing Review and Adjustment

Once your plan is in place it will require periodic review to ensure it is still the best way to achieve your goals.

Angela Pollard

Wealth Manager and Chartered Accountant.

Why do I need financial advice?

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all on a financial ‘journey’. Many of us will reach our destination and realise that the road to financial independence could have been less bumpy and a lot more rewarding had we “known what we didn’t know” i.e. had we sought the right financial advice. Life is hectic, and most of us have neither the time, nor the resources to fully educate ourselves and explore all the financial options available to us in order to make the right financial decisions.

Sadly financial decisions are made without seeking the appropriate advice and can have irrevocable consequences. Quality, sound wealth management advice helps us take control of our financial destiny and therefore determine the lifestyle you will enjoy in the future.

How are we different?

At Port Phillip Financial Services we work with our clients to ensure they set out and stay on the pathway to financial security. We listen, we pride ourselves on “knowing our client” and we prioritise knowing what’s important to you.  We help build your financial road-map, tailored for your specific situation and ensure we keep you on that pathway to achieve your financial goals.


Jennie Weight

Wealth Manager


Carolyn Cerche

Admin Support

Barry Heeps

Centrelink Specialist

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Port Phillip Financial Services Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Eventus Wealth Management Pty Ltd (AFSL 335815).
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